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Notice: Online Lobby Reporting Available

There are newer web based versions of the lobbying disclosure forms available for use on all of your future filings. These new Online Lobbying Disclosure forms have been available for over three years now and will be replacing the IBM forms early next year.

Online Lobbying Reporting

We encourage you to start using these forms as we will not be accepting IBM forms after the 2014 Fourth Quarter filing period (ending January 20th, 2015).

Download Template Forms

If you are an active registrant, you can download IBM Workplace forms that are pre-populated with your registrant and client information. To locate your forms, enter your registrant name in the field below and click the "Search" button. If you are not sure of the Registrant name, you can view the list of active registrant names in alphabetical order using the links below.

If you have just registered a new client and a link to the pre-populated form is not available, please check the download page again later in the day. The icon will be displayed when the new form is available.

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Registrant Name Registrant ID LD-1 Form
Client Name House ID LD-2 Form
A3 Global, Inc. 438940061
Advanced Thermovoltaic Systems Inc. (formerly Berken Energy LLC) 438940058
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium 438940085
Anacostia Watershed Society 438940021
Argentum 438940059
Bayer U.S. LLC 438940025
Cassidy & Associates (on behalf of BJC Healthcare Systems) 438940082
Cassidy & Associates on behalf of Doe Run Company 438940004
Cassidy & Associates on behalf of EaglePicher Technologies LLC 438940009
Cassidy & Associates on behalf of Expedia Inc. 438940002
City of Lincoln, Nebraska 438940036
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of Alameda County Transportation Commission) 438940080
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of Bay Area Rapid Transit District) 438940079
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of California State Senate) 438940078
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of CALSTART) 438940077
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of City of Thornton) 438940076
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of County of Alameda, California) 438940081
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of County of Merced) 438940073
Cj Lake, LLC (on behalf of Fresno Community Hospital and Medical Center) 438940075
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC) 438940074
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of March Joint Powers Authority) 438940072
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of San Joachin Council of Governments) 438940071
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District) 438940070
CJ Lake, LLC (on behalf of Ventura County Community-Navy Action Partnership) 438940069
Congaree River Group LLC (obo Wejo Data Services, Inc.) 438940062
CSMI, LLC 438940057
Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP (on behalf of Silgan Containers) 438940083
Diamond Pet Foods Inc. 438940039
EDP Enterprises Inc 438940010
Evergy formerly Kansas City Power and Light Company 438940006
First Command Financial Services 438940041
GrayRobinson (on behalf of Brevard County, FL) 438940067
GrayRobinson (on behalf of Escambia County, FL) 438940066
GrayRobinson (on behalf of St. Lucie County, Florida) 438940033
GrayRobinson on behalf of City of St. Cloud, FL 438940043
Husch Blackwell LLP on behalf of Monarch-Chesterfield Levee District 438940015
Husch Blackwell on behalf of the FABIUS RIVER DRAINAGE DISTRICT 438940018
Husch Blackwell on behalf of the Sny Island Levee Drainage District 438940017
Kansas City Area Transportation System 438940052
Lathrop & Gage on Behalf of Bridgeton Landfill LLC and Rock Road Industries I 438940007
Missouri State University 438940054
Monolith Materials 438940060
Motorcycle Riders Foundation 438940029
Mutualink Inc. 438940012
National Children's Alliance 438940022
National Milk Producers Federation 438940056
Nomi Health, Inc. 438940063
Outdoor Amusement Business Association 438940005
Oxfam America 438940065
Pathfinder International 438940053
Rem Brands, Inc. 438940068
San Diego Community Power 438940084
SES Americom Inc. 438940046
TransitAmerica Services 438940049
University of Houston 438940026
Veru, Inc. 438940064
WPC Technologies 438940037

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