Frequently Asked Questions

The topics listed below provide answers to commonly asked questions about the Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filing System for Windows users.

What's New

New Issue Code:

The issue code TAR was added to the forms.  This code can be used to report activity related to miscellaneous tariff bills.

Senate Passwords

How long will it take to get a Senate password?

Filers should plan to obtain their passwords well in advance of a filing deadline; it will not be possible to activate a password the day before or on the due date of a filing.

How do I apply for a Senate password?

If you are a new registrant (organizations, lobbying firm, or self-employed lobbyist) who has not previously registered for any client, you may request a Senate password using the Online Password Request Form.

Do Not use this application if you are an individual lobbyist employed by a firm or organization.

Filing Registrations, Reports, and Amendments

Can I file electronically if I am registering to do lobbying for the first time?

Yes. New registrations must filed electronically with both the House and Senate. Before you can file your registration form, you must obtain a Senate password. When your password request is processed by the Senate you will receive the Senate ID along with your password so that you can file your registration electronically.
See for more information on obtaining a Senate password

Can I file electronically to add a new client or update my registration?

If you are already registered with the House and Senate, you can use the LD-1DS form to register a new client. Instructions on how to fill out the form for new client registrations are listed in the user manual.

Submitting Forms Electronically

Can I use the electronic House Lobby Disclosure forms to file with the House and the Senate?

Yes. The forms submit to both the House and Senate with a single click, but you must use your Senate password to sign the form.
See for more information on obtaining a Senate password

How will I know if my filing is complete after I have submitted it?

If you have submitted your form successfully, a single confirmation message is displayed in your web browser that verifies your submission with both the House and Senate. After your form had been received, it is processed by the House and Senate separately.
When your form is processed by the House, you will receive an e-mail from the Office of the Clerk indicating the status of your electronic filing. Please read the contents of the email carefully. If your filing is rejected you will receive instructions on how to correct it so that the form can be re-filed successfully.