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Notice: Online Lobby Reporting Available

There are newer web based versions of the lobbying disclosure forms available for use on all of your future filings. These new Online Lobbying Disclosure forms have been available for over three years now and will be replacing the IBM forms early next year.

Online Lobbying Reporting

We encourage you to start using these forms as we will not be accepting IBM forms after the 2014 Fourth Quarter filing period (ending January 20th, 2015).

Download Template Forms

If you are an active registrant, you can download IBM Workplace forms that are pre-populated with your registrant and client information. To locate your forms, enter your registrant name in the field below and click the "Search" button. If you are not sure of the Registrant name, you can view the list of active registrant names in alphabetical order using the links below.

If you have just registered a new client and a link to the pre-populated form is not available, please check the download page again later in the day. The icon will be displayed when the new form is available.

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Registrant Name Registrant ID LD-1 Form
Kyle Spade 39136 Download Form
Download all client formsDownload all client forms
Client Name House ID LD-2 Form
ABC 391360018
Apparel for All 391360022
Client 10 391360010 Download Form
Client Six 391360006 Download Form
Client Ten 391360007 Download Form
Heather Headley 391360023
Import Demo 4-2015 391360017
MD Handbags Inc 391360021
NEW REG TEST 2014 391360014 Download Form
OPR Test Client 12 391360024
OPR Test Client 123 391360015 Download Form
Password Reset 391360011 Download Form
sm test 391360026
Testing 391360013 Download Form
testing server patches 391360012 Download Form
Training Seminar 391360000 Download Form
Training Seminar 391360001 Download Form
Training Seminar 391360003 Download Form
Training Seminar 391360005 Download Form
Training Seminars 391360009 Download Form
Windows 7 391360008
wolves 391360025
XYZ 391360016 Download Form

Forms Archive

Click on the link below to download blank semiannual LD2 forms.
Forms Archive

Install Form Viewer Software

The IBM Workplace Viewer software is required to work with the Lobbying Disclosure forms on a Windows computer. To download the application, enter your registrant name and e-mail address in the fields listed below and click the "download" button.

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