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Notice: Online Lobby Reporting Available

There are newer web based versions of the lobbying disclosure forms available for use on all of your future filings. These new Online Lobbying Disclosure forms have been available for over three years now and will be replacing the IBM forms early next year.

Online Lobbying Reporting

We encourage you to start using these forms as we will not be accepting IBM forms after the 2014 Fourth Quarter filing period (ending January 20th, 2015).

Download Template Forms

If you are an active registrant, you can download IBM Workplace forms that are pre-populated with your registrant and client information. To locate your forms, enter your registrant name in the field below and click the "Search" button. If you are not sure of the Registrant name, you can view the list of active registrant names in alphabetical order using the links below.

If you have just registered a new client and a link to the pre-populated form is not available, please check the download page again later in the day. The icon will be displayed when the new form is available.

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Registrant Name Registrant ID LD-1 Form
Download all client formsDownload all client forms
Client Name House ID LD-2 Form
Aries Clean Technologies 320800110
Danimer Scientific 320800113
DG Fuels 320800114
Ecostrat USA Inc. 320800109
ESS Inc. 320800107
Fidelis New Energy 320800112
Freeman Capital 320800108
Frontieras North America, Inc. 320800115
GDI Energy 320800117
Manufacturing Resources International, Inc. 320800102
Miller Industries, Inc. 320800118
Nacero 320800101
Navajo Agricultural Products Industry 320800098
Quinault Indian Nation 320800089
Recover Energy 320800116
Snoqualmie Tribe 320800084 Download Form
Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians 320800080 Download Form
Strategic Biofuels 320800111
The Town of Pembroke 320800103

Forms Archive

Click on the link below to download blank semiannual LD2 forms.
Forms Archive

Install Form Viewer Software

The IBM Workplace Viewer software is required to work with the Lobbying Disclosure forms on a Windows computer. To download the application, enter your registrant name and e-mail address in the fields listed below and click the "download" button.

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