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Registrant Name Registrant ID
Liberty Partners Group, LLC 40120
Client Name House ID
Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation 401200092
Alliance for Physical Therapy Quality and Innovation (USPA) 401200097
American College of Radiation Oncology 401200005
American Vascular Access LLC (Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition) 401200063
American Vascular Access, LLC (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200067
American Vascular Associates (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200106
American Vein & Lymphatic Society (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200112
Anesthesia Practice Consultants, PC (OBO Michiganders for Fair Healthcare) 401200086
ApolloMD (Americans for Fair Healthcare) 401200120
Arise Vascular (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200095
Arizona Kidney Disease and Hypertension Center (Dialysis Vascular Access Coaliti 401200071
Austin Kidney Associates (DVAC REF) 401200088
Axxess 401200107
Azura Vascular Care (FKA Fresenius Vascular Care) (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200046
Azura Vascular Care (FKA Fresenius Vascular)(Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition) 401200060
Azura Vascular Care-National Cardiovascular Partners (AKA Fresenius) (USPA) 401200100
Balboa Nephrology Medical Group (DVAC REF) 401200078
BAYADA Home Health Care 401200059
Boston Scientific (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200115
CardioVascular Coalition 401200055
Cardiovascular Institute of the South (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200075
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200042
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access)) 401200103
Dallas Nephrology Associates (DVAC REF) 401200079
DaVita, Inc. 401200004
Envision Healthcare (Americans for Fair Healthcare) 401200121
Henry Schein 401200072
Lee Health (FKA Lee Memorial Health System) 401200034
Lifeline Vascular Care (FKA ...Access) (Dialysis Vascular Access Coalition) 401200061
LifeLine Vascular Care (FKA Lifeline Vascular Access) (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200044
Medtronic (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200109
Medtronic (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200098
Mid-Atlantic Nephrology Associates, P.A. (DVAC REF) 401200077
National Association for Home Care & Hospice 401200113
National Cardiovascular Partners (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200038
Nephrology Associates of Northern Illinois and Indiana (DVAC REF) 401200091
Nephrology Associates, P.A. (DVAC REF) 401200093
Northwest Renal Clinic, Inc. (DVAC REF) 401200080
Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200043
Pacific Dental Services, LLC 401200023
Partnership for Quality Home Healthcare 401200020
Philips Image Guided Therapy (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200099
Philips Image Guided Therapy/Volcano Corporation (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200073
Radiology Partners (Americans for Fair Healthcare) 401200122
Radiology Partners (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200104
Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies (USPA-United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200105
Revenue Cycle Coding Strategies and RC Billing 401200118
Santa Fe Group 401200090
SCP Health (Americans for Fair Healthcare) 401200123
Sound Inpatient Physicians, Inc. 401200089
TeamHealth, Inc. (Americans for Fair Healthcare) 401200124
Teleflex (United Specialists for Patient Access) 401200119
The Fibroid Coalition 401200110
The Vascular Care Group (CardioVascular Coalition) 401200114
Universal Technical Institute 401200117