Re-Using Signed Forms

Working with Forms | Re-Using Signed Forms 
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It is possible to use previously filed forms for new filings, such as amendments to an original filing, by deleting the signature and modifying the content.

NOTE:  It is important to remember to save the form with a new name before you modify it or you will overwrite the original form.

To re-use a form:

      Navigate to the folder where your forms are stored, click on the form name, and press the Open button.  The form will be opened automatically in IBM Workplace Viewer and Page 1 will be displayed;

      Click on the Signature field;

The Digital Signature Viewer window is displayed;

      Click the Delete button;


The signature is removed from the form;

      Click the OK button;

      Click the Save As button on the IBM Workplace Viewer toolbar, or press Ctrl+Alt+S:

Windows Explorer is displayed;

      Navigate to the folder where you are storing your Lobbying Disclosure forms, enter a form name in the File Name field using the appropriate naming convention, and click the Save button.

Your form is now saved with a new name and ready to be edited.