Completing Form Fields

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To complete your forms manually:

      Navigate to the folder where your forms are stored, click on the form name, and press the Open button.  The form will be opened automatically in IBM Workplace Viewer and Page 1 will be displayed;

If you are using a form template, it is recommended that you click the Save As button on the IBM Workplace Viewer toolbar, or press Ctrl+Alt+S and give the form a new name according to your naming convention.  This will ensure that your template can be easily used for other filings;

      Press the Tab key, or click on the field with your mouse, to move your cursor to the first field on the form and enter the appropriate information;

When page 1 is complete, you can use the navigation buttons in the form header to advance to the next page;

Repeat these steps until all pages in the form are complete.  You may add new pages as needed to complete your form using the appropriate buttons on each page.  You can also jump to any page in the form using the navigation buttons in the form header;

      When your form is complete, press the Save button on the IBM Workplace Viewer toolbar, or press Ctrl+S;

Your form is now ready to be signed and submitted to the House and Senate.

See Appendices for form samples and line by line instructions to complete the forms