Submission Errors

Troubleshooting Guide | Problems Submitting Forms | Submission Errors 
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Your submission may time out due to slow internet connection speeds.  If this happens, you can wait a few minutes and submit your form again.  If you have many users on a DSL or cable connection you may want to try submitting your form earlier or later in the day when there aren’t as many users accessing the connection.

If you continue to receive time out or error messages, several factors may be causing the problem:

      Transmittals are being restricted to trusted sites.  Some users are restricted to submitting only to trusted sites.  Adding ”LD.CONGRESS.GOV” to the list of trusted sites on your browser will allow you to submit the form;

      Virus protection restrictions.  Some 3rd party virus scanning and firewall products will restrict you from sending files over the internet.  Please review the security settings in any virus scanner and firewall applications and make the appropriate adjustments to allow transmission of files to ”LD.CONGRESS.GOV”;

      Network restrictions.  Some registrants have firewall restrictions from within their network that do not allow users to transmit files over the internet.  If you receive any one of the following messages you are being blocked by your firewall:

Can’t connect to the server failed AT MasqueURLWinNETT hreadStart;

An attempt to connect to the server failed;

An error has occurred.  The request is "error" state;

An error has occurred.  The request has timed out;

An error has occurred.  Location = 12057;

Error code 502 Proxy Error;

Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The specified Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) port is not allowed. ISA Server is not configured to allow SSL requests from this port;

The requested URL could not be retrieved;

The website not accessible because it’s hosting content on a non standard web server port;

Waiting for browser.

Please have your IT department contact the Legislative Resource Center for additional information if they are not able to grant access to our servers.