Signing forms with the Senate password

Signing and Filing Forms | Signing forms with the Senate password 
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When your form is complete, it is ready to be signed and submitted to both the House and Senate using your Senate password.

To sign your form:

      Click on the form Signature field;

A validation process is run that checks all required entries for completed:

      If any field on your form is not valid or is incomplete, a message will be displayed.  Please review this message carefully and click the OK button.  You must go through the form and correct the invalid fields or complete the required fields;

When the form passes validation, the Digital Signature Viewer window is displayed;


      Click on the Sign button:

A signature screen is displayed;

      Enter the signer name, Senate password, then enter it again;

Note:  Senate passwords are case sensitive so it is important that you enter the password correctly

      Click on the Sign button:

The signature screen is updated with your signature;

Note:  A signature status message is displayed that the signature is verified, but not authenticated.  This is normal.  The Senate ID number and password will be authenticated when you submit your form

      Click the Ok button.

The signature and sign date are inserted, the form fields are locked, and the form is ready to be submitted to the House and Senate.