Senate ID Numbers

Your Senate ID number is made up of two numbers separated by a hyphen.  The number before the hyphen is called your User ID/Registrant ID and is the same for all of your clients.  The User ID is followed by a hyphen and your Client ID.  Your Client ID is specific to each client.

For example, lobbying registrant K Street Incorporated has three clients:  Constitution Group, Independence Group, and Democracy Group.  K Street Incorporated’s Senate ID numbers are as follows:

Registrant Name

Client Name

User/Registrant ID

Client ID

Complete Senate ID

K Street Incorporated

Constitution Group




K Street Incorporated

Independence Group




K Street Incorporated

Democracy Group




If you are filing a registration for a new client, you will use only your User ID/Registrant ID as your Senate ID number on the LD-1 form.  You will be assigned a new Client ID after you submit the new client’s registration.

If you are filing a registration amendment or lobbying report, you will need to use your complete Senate ID, composed of the User ID/Registrant ID, hyphen, and Client ID.