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LOBBYING ISSUE PAGE:  The electronic form includes one lobbying issue page when it is opened.  You may add additional issue pages as needed.  Each new issue page is inserted at the end of the form and numbered automatically.  You may also insert addendum pages for issue descriptions and additional lobbyist names related to each general lobbying issue.  Each addendum page is inserted after the issue page you are adding it to and numbered automatically.

LINE 15. GENERAL LOBBYING ISSUE AREA:  Select the applicable code(s) from the list below which accurately reflect all general areas in which the registrant engaged in lobbying during the reporting period, whether or not the issue area was previously disclosed. Complete a separate page for each code selected.

The select box lists both the code and description for convenience. The code is required and must be entered before supplementary pages can be added.

See Lobbying Issue Codes for a complete list

LINE 16. SPECIFIC LOBBYING ISSUES:  For each general lobbying area, list the specific issues which were actually lobbied during the quarterly period. Include, for example, specific bills before Congress or specific executive branch actions. BE SPECIFIC.  Bill numbers alone do not satisfy the requirements for reporting on this line and restatement of the general issue code is insufficient. Use the following format to describe legislation: BILL NO., BILL TITLE, AND DESCRIPTION OF THE SPECIFIC SECTION(S) OF INTEREST.

i.e., "H.R. 3610, Department of Defense Appropriations Act of 1996, Title 2, all provisions relating to environmental restoration."

For specific issues other than legislation, provide detailed descriptions of lobbying efforts. Do not leave line blank.

To maximize space, use a paragraph format. If needed, you can add addendum pages to enter more descriptions.

LINE 17 CONTACTS:  Identify the Houses of Congress and Federal agencies contacted by the registrant in connection with the general issue area during the reporting period. Disclose only the houses or agencies, such as "Senate," "House of Representatives," "Department of Agriculture," or "Executive Office of the President," rather than the individual office. If there were no contacts during the period, mark the box labeled "none." This line is required to complete the filing.

If there were no contacts during the period, mark the box labeled "none."  If there were contacts, select the agency names from the list on the left and click the Add button.  The name will be added to the list on the right.  A full formatted list of selected names will be inserted in the text box for line 17 if the form is printed.

LINE 18. LOBBYISTS:  List the name of each lobbyist who had any activity in this general issue area. Enter the first name, last name and suffix in separate fields.

If there are lobbyists not previously disclosed, enter the names of the new lobbyist(s) under each pertinent issue code, and mark the box labeled "New." If any new lobbyist listed in this section has served as a "covered executive branch official" or "covered legislative branch official" within twenty years of first acting as a lobbyist for the client, identify that person as a "covered official," state the executive and/or legislative position in which the person served.

NOTE: The 20% threshold does not apply to this line and is only used for determining who may be considered a "lobbyist" for registration/updating purposes.

You may enter up to 9 lobbyist names on the issue page.  If needed, you can add addendum pages to enter more names.

LINE 19. FOREIGN INTEREST:  Describe the interest of each foreign entity in the specific issues listed on line 16. If there are no foreign entity interests in this issue, check the box marked 'None'. If 'None' is checked after data has been entered in this field, it will be deleted.