House Forms Processing

Understanding Electronic Filing | House Forms Processing 
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After your form has been received by the Legislative Resource Center the registration information in your form is compared with existing records in the database:

      If the House ID, Registrant, and Client names match:

Your filing is approved automatically and available to the public.  A message is sent that the filing was successful;

      If the Registrant Name, Client Name or House ID does not match existing records on file, or if an activity report form has already been filing for the specific filing period:

The filing is considered pending and a message is sent that filing is pending review by the records and registration staff.

When the filing has been reviewed a message is sent with the results:

      If your filing is approved after the review:

It is made available to the public and a message is sent that the filing was approved;

      If the filing is rejected after the review:

A message is sent that the filing has been rejected.  Please read the instructions in this message carefully.  You must update your completed form and file it again.

Note:  You can avoid rejected filings by using the pre-populated IBM Workplace forms.