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Getting Started | Decide Which Computer Will Be Used 
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The Lobbying Disclosure Electronic Filing System requires that you install the IBM Workplace Forms Viewer, obtain a Senate password, and download the forms from the Lobbying Disclosure website to complete and file lobbying disclosure registrations and reporting forms.  The software is purchased by the U.S. House of Representatives and provided to all lobbying registrants free of charge, but it should only be installed for the individuals who will actually be working with the forms.

The computer to be used for form preparation and filing must have:

      A web browser (Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher);

      System configuration sufficient to run the IBM Workplace Form software;

      IBM Workplace Forms version 2.5, and;

      An internet connection.

It is possible to download and prepare a form at one computer, save it to a network folder or send it to another person, then sign, save and submit the form from a second location if the IBM Workplace software is installed.

See IBM Workplace Viewer System Requirements for more information