Create a Form Folder and Naming Convention

Getting Started | Create a Form Folder and Naming Convention 
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To ensure that you can easily locate your forms, it is recommended that you create a specific folder to store your forms and a naming convention for them before you begin.  The following suggestions may assist you in determining the best way to manage your forms:

      Do not store your forms on your desktop.  Store them in a single folder so you can easily locate your forms;

      Most browsers automatically select the My Documents folder when the document is saved.  Using this folder will make your forms easy to locate.  It is recommended that you consult your IT Support Staff (if available) for additional information on choosing the right location to store your forms;

      Create a naming convention to help you distinguish between templates, completed, and signed forms;

      Use Lobbying Disclosure Forms as the primary folder name for storing forms;

      Pre-populated forms are already named using the client ID.  It is recommended that you save the template as Filingperiod_ clientname before you edit it;

      Download the forms from the Lobbying Disclosure website instead of opening them in a browser.